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     Our video crews have gained both local and national recognition. Below are a few testimonials provided by our clients over the years. We are very proud of our excellent reputation as a first class video production company serving Central Florida and surrounding communities.

"Just for the record, Steve Fernandez was excellent. Diana and I really enjoyed working with him. He is a mature 23 year old and very hungry for experience and soaks it up well. He is knowledgeable about his craft and he is a problem solver and willing to do almost anything. He is also trust worthy. Anyway, I know we like to keep a record of the crews that work well."

Christopher Spitzer
Chicago Bureau Producer
ABC News, NewsOne

"..... I just wanted to let you know how well everything went yesterday. Greg and Tim were very professional and helpful. Please let them know that I said great job and give them a big thanks for me! I will definitely use Cross Video Productions in the future!"

Megan Kimball
Double R Productions

".....we got good stuff – the crew was excellent. And we used most of the added equipment. The radio station didn’t come through with an XLR plugged mixer so the sound quality was suspect using the digital recorder. And, I want to thank you for your excellent support and quick response on many little requests....."

Paul Froehlich
Executive Producer

"Bob's got an excellent group of guys that are readily available for any type of media coverage in the Florida area. I've had the pleasure of working alongside quite a few of his crews on NASA-related remotes. Bob is the kind of colleague that will come through for you in pinch --- especially during hurricane season. He's definitely my go-to guy for Florida!"

Kim H. Nguyen
ABC National News

"I want to thank you and Jason for the great work this past week (International Builders' Show)! He was everything you said and more and Jeff and Jenn were really happy with his work. I will be sure to give you guys a call again next time we are down there."

David Falcone
National Association of Home Builders

"I just got a call from the field producer who was in Lakeland with your crew. She gave a glowing report on Carl and Jason – said they where very professional, good with the guests, and a pleasure to work with. Look forward to booking them again when we have another shoot in the Orlando area."

Mike Rich, Production Coordinator
The Dr. Phil Show
CBS Paramount

"I greatly appreciate the work conducted by your team members. They conducted themselves with the utmost professionalism and courtesy to allow our shoot to be a great success. General Motors Corvette Program also commented to me on their performance, and how they conducted the shoot as a whole. Thank you for your continued support."

Andrew Jesudowich, Sales & Marketing Director / ISO QM
Corrsys Datron Sensorsystems, Inc.
North America Headquarters

"I just want to let you know that your shooter did an exceptional job on Saturday at RPE. He was very professional and accommodating to our needs. Thank him again and thank you for your help. We will definitely touch base again next year."

Eddie Solis, Account Executive
SportsMark Management Group, Ltd.

"I want to let you know that your crew did an excellent job in Homosassa covering the disappearance of Jessica Marie Lunsford. Both your shooters are great, hard-working guys who have a good attitude. They were especially cooperative, and quick to respond to the ever-changing situation. I especially appreciated the way they solved the Beta SP / SX "problem". Great guys ... great video. They made the shoot very easy for me, and I like that. I hope to work with you in the future."

Theresa Richardson
America's Most Wanted

"I can't thank you enough for the great crew you sent me on this week's shoot. We were supposed to shoot three finished homes showcasing the latest design concepts and products. Only one of the homes was completed. In the others, we either had to shoot around the unfinished areas, move contractors' junk, or "build" the rooms ourselves. Your guys were consummate professionals, pitched in beyond their job descriptions, and got the thing done."

Jeff Binder
Bindermark Communications & Public Relations

"I want to say first of all that I enjoyed working with your shooter. I've worked with many. I found him to be thorough and conscientious about his job, flexible and ready to please. In short I'd like to hire him for next shoot in St. Augustine...."

Dr. Diane Preston Reilly
Challenger Films Inc.

"Thank you for your great work at the press conference. I really appreciate a good crew and I felt like I didn't need to worry about it at all. Both the video and audio sound great as I viewed the tapes this afternoon. Thank you for being a valued partner and a company that we can rely on."

Matthew G. Nagel, Account Executive
Ruane Communications, Inc.

"Thanks for all your help with the Lennon bus crew and gear! I've been editing since Friday and it's all looking great. Please thank Tim Paul for his superb audio work, Greg Varnadoe for giving me 110% and please tell Jose Salva that his jib work was excellent."

Chris Balton
Ash & Prescott Productions

"You did a fantastic job out there on the Carnival shoot. Thank you for all your hard work! To my amazement you were actually able to get all of the elements on the list. It really looks great. You got just the right amount of b-roll in each of the areas, the interviews are perfect and the ship looks beautiful. I think it's actually our most successful cruise shoot of the eight. Great job, and thank you again. We'll definitely let you know next time we have a shoot in the area."

Tiffany Guichard
Michael Hoff Productions, Inc.
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